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Embroidery Backing Line

Release time:2017/6/27 7:56:34

Embroidery Backing Line

General Introduction.

A.Specification & Performance of the line

1. Finished product: Embroidery backing line

2. Product weight: 18-120 g/m2.

3. Working speed: 10-35 m/min.

4. Machine width:1000mm

5. Width of the finished product: ≤ 1050mm

6. Raw material: water,cotton,starch,calcium powder

7. Heating method: Thermal bond oil boiler.(Capacity:400 Kcal, exclude)

9. Installation power for main machines: 40kw.

10. Size of the Machine: Length25000×Width10000×Height4000mm


B. Main Material:


2.Regenerative cotton  




C.Operation Theory and Technics

1.this line adopt technology of forming the web by airflow.

2.Theory: Opening-Carding-Form the web by airflow-Finishing and flatting- Drying-Counter and wind.


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