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AU159 Flat Top Wire Cleaning Machine

Release time:2017/3/23 9:04:47

This machine is used to remove the waste of flat top wire of carding machine


1、Inverse stripping roller work diameter            Φ115mm

2、Inverse stripping roller  revolving speed           240r/m

3、forward  stripping roller  revolving speed         416r/m

4Spiral brush(middle)work diameter          Φ160mm

5、Spiral brush(both ends)work diameter       Φ185mm

6、Spiral brush  revolving speed                  480r/m

7、Double brush work diameter                    Φ370mm

8、Double brush revolving speed                   265r/m

9、Main motor N=1.1kw    N=1400r/m    y90s-4    V=380v

10Dust collection fan b-46-n03a

11、main motor for dust collection 901-2   V=380v   N=2.2kw   N=2840r/m

12、power:three phase current 380v,50hz

13、size:  L:1250MM,W:1420MM,H:1327MM

14、Weight: 600kgs


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