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FU294D Flat Top Clipping&Mounting Machine

Release time:2017/3/23 9:36:48

FU294D flat top clipping&mounting machine is used for all kinds of flat top wire.It is small in volume,reliable in work, easy and quick for operation, high in welding efficiency.


1.Adopt gantry pressurized, covering the entire , to ensure flat top Smooth and firm.

2.Useing  two kinds rolling wheel,to ensure flat top Smooth and firm.



1.Flat top Width: 33.3mm            

2.Flat top Length:  940—1143mm

3.Clipping Speed: 60mm/s           

4.Inlet Pressure:0 60 8Mpa

5.Motor:  1.1KW                   

6.Power: 380V 50Hz

7.Outsize : 930mm×720mmx140mm   

8.Gross /Net Weight: 750/700kg


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