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FU806BFU294Dcot Grounding Machines

Release time:2017/3/23 9:41:40

1.It adopts high accuracy rolling grinding machine and hydraulic dynamic and static pressurized main shaft’s structure is equipped with separate close circulation, which has high gyration precision and stability.

2.The working table uses crossover ball radial roll slideway, grinding wheel frame feeding and working table movement is driven by ball bar, which can ensure accurate and sensitive feeding.

3.There is an AC frequency conversion device in head motor to make stepless timing. So it is not necessary to use lubricating oil and cooling liquid to clean in the operation and can ensure the good work environment and product quality in the meantime

4.Back &forth times of working table and grinding pieces time can be set beforehand, the machine can operate within the proper intervals.

5.Special grinding wheel stone with big air holes and  independent outside high-power wind&dust inhaling device are applied, which can not cause oil and water marks on rubber workpieces.

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