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FU285AMetallic Wire Butt Welder

Release time:2017/3/23 9:32:30

FU285B Metallic Wire Butt Welder  is adapted forvarious kinds of metal needle tapes for connection welding. It is small in volume,reliable in  work, easy and quick for operation, high in welding efficiency.

Characteristics and effectively weld various kinds of metal needle tapes.

2.preset functions of welding and annealing so as to ensure the working for metal needle tapes.

3.small cutter, rectifier and working lamp are preset to enhance the working efficiency

4.multiple electric current can be exchanged for different materials.
Metallic Wire Butt Welder  

1.Weld Ragne:

    Dia.: 0.8-4mm                   Width: ≤8 mm

    Thickness : ≤4mm               Area: ≤16mm2

2.Space between electrodes: 2-8mm   3.Capability: 2KVA

4.Motor:  25W                      5.Adjusting series:  10 series

6.Power:  220V 50Hz                7.Package250mm×250mm×500mm

8.Gross /Net Weight: 23/17kg

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